2nd Multiplier Event in Perugia, Italy

The 2nd Multiplier Event took place on 30th May in “Legacoop Umbria” Perugia, Italy and has been organized by the partner organisation Aris Formazione e Ricerca.
During the Infoday the results achieved in the project have been presented, in particular:
- the definition of a common European curriculum for the professional qualifications of the Nature an Rural Tourism Guide and Rural and Agro-Tourism Accommodation Manager, according to new updated MoU ECVET ENS (IO 5)
- the definition of the training programme for the updated and new European professional qualifications formalized through the new MoU ECVET ENS (IO6)

Aris Formazione e Ricerca's representative Elisa Brizi has presented the project and its goals, completed activities and accomplished results.

Mr.Enrico Libera, Project Manager from Aris Formazione e Ricerca has presented the VET courses for Nature and Rural Tourism Guide and Rural and Agro-Tourism Accommodation Manager and explained the design process of the VET courses for the updated and new designed European common professional qualifications (IO5-IO6).
The multiplier event has been attended by many representatives from diverse sectors, including private, public and NGOs active in the project topics.