4th Transnational Project Meeting

The 4th TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETING for the project ECVET ENS 2.0 took place on 9th October 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The meeting has been organised by the project partnerAmerican Farm School Post – Secondary Educational and Training Association. All partners have participated with own representatives.
The ECVET ENS 2.0 project supports and promotes the informal education and the professions in deficit: Nature and Rural Tourism Guide  and   Rural and Agrotourism Accommodation Manager.

During the 4th TPM partners placed emphasis on the IO6 and the relation between the modules and the e-learning platform. All participants agreed on the successfulness of the mutual completed work regarding the unification of the modules. Aris offered a draft document regarding the methodology that will be used in IO6 that will be utilized as an annex to the IO6 document.
Balkania suggested, and all participants agreed, that the partners choose five modules out of the final 33 modules to be developed and ready to use on the platform as theoretical lessons. 
Via Skype call, representative of Balkania presented the current design of the e-learning platform and explained to the participants how it is organized, the way it works and what can be done in the future. Decisions have been made regarding the final functionalities and options.
Also, an overview of the two mobilities was given, along with confirmation of dates and selection criteria of the participants. The date of the first training will take place on 11th of February in Italy, and the second on 11th of March in Macedonia. 
Concerning IO8, the European Certificate Supplement was discussed, the way to be acquired and to be used for the trainings, IO9 (Report on the endorsement) as well as IO12 (Policy recommendations ) will be decided after the realization of the trainings.
After the finalization of the IO6 and conclusion of IO7 and IO8 BEST will organize the 3rdMultiplier event that will focus on these outputs.

Photos from the 4th TPM in Thessaloniki: