Final Multiplier Event in Skopje

The final multiplier event for the project ECVET ENS 2.0 was held on 22.05.2019 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

The event was organized by the lead partner: A.B.A.T Balkania-Balkan Association for Alternative Tourism and the second Macedonian partner FACE-Foundation Agro-Centre for Education. During the event the project results and outputs were presented to stakeholders and the process of implementation was discussed. Representatives of relevant institutions (Center for Adult Education, Faculty of Tourism), other stakeholders, representatives of NGOs, as well as participants in the mobilities attended the event.

Firstly the overall aim and project goals were presented by Mr. Vlado Srbinovski- President of Balkania. Furthermore, Mr. Srbinovski discussed the tasks delegation between the partners and the activities realized by the partners. Secondly, the intellectual outputs (IO1-IO9; IO12) were presented by Mr. Ljupcho Toshev-Executive Director of FACE-Foundation Agro-Centre for Education. 

Next, Mateja Srbinovska presented the blended mobilities and all the training activities that were carried out. Lastly, Elena Rizova presented the online tools used in the project implementation, namely the Facebook group and the e-learning platform.  

Partners and event participants discussed the possibilities for further dissemination and use of the project results, with accent on the 2 trainings: "Rural and Agro-tourism Accommodation Manager"  and "Nature and Rural Tourism Guide".

Images from the Multiplier Event: